Due to the recent uptick in local Covid cases , and especially in our recovery community, we have implemented a mandatory mask requirement to be inside of the building.

This is to protect all members and guests and prevent us from having to shut the doors completely .

We hope this will be received in the spirit of looking out for one another, however we will have to adhere to it for the foreseeable future and anyone NOT wearing a mask will be asked to go outside. This is not meant to be combative and is a simple request. IF you refuse to wear one, then you will be asked to leave.

Some of us have spent a good deal of time bucking the system, in this case we feel it best to follow the rules.

Thank you from the BoD / management

The club is in dire need of volunteers to fill in shifts. Without volunteers to fill these time slots the club will not be able to remain open throughout the day .

If you have time, please see anyone working at the club (or contact us via email) to get more information. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Operating Donation

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Our current home is located at

616 South Pine Ave, Ocala Florida 34471


(This is the Pine Plaza Shopping Center )

Current hours as of 07/01/2021 will be 9:00am to 9:00 pm

and based on availability of volunteer staffing

If you are interested in volunteering some time , please contact us and/or see “Membership/ Group info ” page for more details


We will provide substance free, safe, and attractable space at affordable rates...


Beginning in mid-2011 we started working with city officials about various issues...


We want to offer a central meeting place that is warm and inviting...
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***All building fund donations will be used solely for that purpose. If project fails to materialize, all donations will be refunded at donors request. We will make every effort to notify all donors in such an event.

Important Upcoming Events

If you have an event that impacts our mission and would like to add it to our calendar, please contact us.

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