We want to offer a central meeting place that is warm and inviting. Here are some of the perks to our vision:

This is the vision of our 5 year fundraising goal-to build our own community recovery center known as the Lost and Found Club.

1 - Provide comfortable meeting place for 12 step groups that includes 2 independent meeting halls.
2 - Provide private office space for sponsor/sponsee meetings.
3 - Provide a snack/coffee bar.
4 - Have a safe place to come anytime during the day (during business hours).
5 - Team up with Intergroup to have books store on site.
6 - Possible smoking area and outdoor areas.

Until then , we are accommodating most of the above by leasing a temporary home for the Lost and Found Club at the address below. Our current short term goal is to be up and running by end of September. This will require our recovery community to come together and help with getting our place ready for recovery!

616 South Pine Ave, Ocala Fl 34471
Almost dead center of Pine Plaza (next to Ocala P.D.)

Construction meeting slated for Saturday , Sept 5th at 12:00pm (noon).
Everyone is welcome , please come and help