Lost and Found Club was founded in 1986 and spent most of its life across from Tuscawilla Park on NE Sanchez Blvd.

For years that location was a safe haven for members of our recovery community and the birthplace of more than a few powerful meetings in Ocala.

It has hosted countless dances, memorials, and all kinds of social activities. It has brought many fond memories and sober lessons to many people…

But maybe its greatest legacy (at least to some of us) is the fact that it has been the starting point of many, many transitions from homeless, helpless, & broken to productive members of our society ( aka , Miracles).


Beginning in mid-2011 we started working with city officials about various code issues like zoning, parking, occupancy, etc...

After months of working with the City on these issues, the membership decided it best to sell to the City and start over in a location better suited for the community. Sale of building was in 1st quarter of 2012.

We then purchased a small building in the NE part of town (out by old Coca Cola plant) that operated for about 3 years. However, this location had to close up and sell because of lack of support and attendance.

It seems we were just too far out of town and away from the people who need us most.

So with that, so went the only club house in Ocala.

A few years later interest renewed but these flames quickly faded...but not extinguished! Which brings us to current events...

Last year a small group of our loving community started re kindling the fire and now almost a year later it is really starting to burn again.

There is great excitement and energy with a large group of people ( board members for the L & F Club) and we have arrived at this important time in the development of a new club house to carry on the tradition of changing the world! Ok, maybe just Ocala, but who knows, right?