1 Month Membership
12 Months Membership
Operating Donation

You can always pay in person at the club. Please feel free to contact us to arrange that if needed, or simply stop in and see the staff during business hours .

This donation button is for on going operating expenses of the current club, such as rent, utilities, improvements, etc, etc…

Any and all help is welcome and no donation is too small to help.
We have some members of the community that donate on a monthly basis to help keep us going in these beginning times, if you are interested in that, please contact us .
If you would like to donate to the actual new building fund, please see other donate buttons on any other page  (PayPal).
(currently most help is needed with operating funds)

Current Board of Directors

PRES:         Don Scott

VP :              Neil Foskey

SEC:             Victoria Dice

TREAS:       Dave Murphy

MaL #1       Lisa Caputo

MaL # 2      Michael Schuer

MaL #3       Vacant/ needed**

**If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact us in person or via email :theocalalostandfound@gmail.com

                       (link located at top of page)

Please note that in between scheduled meetings, only members and guest of member will be allowed to use the facility .

If you are a new comer and /or new to area, you have an honorary membership for the 1st 30 days.

According to our By-Laws, if you would like to be a member but cant afford dues right now, please contact us to set up meeting with board to discuss waiving of dues. This will be done in the strictest confidence.  ( what we are saying is don’t let financial uncertainty keep you from being involved)

Meeting space rental information:

If you would like to rent meeting spots for your group, or start a new meeting, below is a list of available time slots. Exact times are negotiable as long as it does not interfere with other time slots already established.

Meeting slots are broken up into 4 per day (morning, lunch, afternoon, evening ).

Cost is $20.00 per meeting block -block consists of 2 hours  (30 minutes before and 30 minutes after).

Meetings can make their own coffee during their meeting block . A Bunn automatic coffee maker is available in the meeting room for groups to use (groups supply own coffee and supplies)

If you have other needs, please contact us , we are willing to work with you to accomplish your meeting goals.

We are currently asking for volunteers to work the snack bar counter . We will work with you to accommodate your schedule if you have time you can donate.

Without volunteers to staff the snack bar, we will not be able to be open all day, so please, if you can give some time contact us about helping out.

I am sure there is more than one story of how the “person” behind the counter at the Club was the beginning of a new way of life for some of us…just being there is sometimes the most powerful message someone can carry to the newcomer or old-timer alike.